Mission, Vision & Values


We restore sight and prevent blindness through the healing power of donation, transplantation and research.


A world without blindness.



We are nimble and responsive, as we engage with our customers, partners and each other, anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.

We embrace collaboration, to achieve our mission, goals and service excellence.

We demonstrate our genuine care, appreciation and compassion for others, in every action and interaction.


We get better every day, by rigorously examining our assumptions, learning from the past, seizing opportunities with confidence, and embracing and managing risk, innovation and change.

We are driven to achieve excellence, through continuously learning and improving our skills, knowledge and reputation.

We enthusiastically adapt to our evolving world, with agility and flexibility as we build the path to a successful future.


We unfailingly deliver on our commitments to others, holding ourselves accountable and taking ownership of our actions and results.

We assume best intentions in all interactions, and we communicate with transparency, respect and deep appreciation for other’s expertise, ideas, intentions and capabilities.

We are responsible stewards of the gifts entrusted to us, honoring those who have provided these gifts to our care to improve the lives of others.

A world without blindness

Eversight is a thriving organization delivering exceptional service. We’re a mission-focused, hard-working team that is energized and engaged by the purposeful work we undertake.

Service, Drive and Trust

Our values guide us every day, in every way. Together, we work to build and sustain a positive organizational culture dedicated to restoring sight and preventing blindness.