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Eversight prioritizes a science-first mentality, ensuring that our contributions to eye and vision research are grounded in rigorous scientific principles. We adhere to the highest standards in advancing the fields of eye banking, ophthalmology and beyond. 

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Pushing the boundaries of knowledge

Eversight team members regularly contribute to and author industry conference presentations and peer-reviewed journal publications. Since 2014, we’ve authored 47 publications and given 15+ presentations at international conferences, and supported 230+ publications of our collaborators. We are driven by a relentless curiosity, constantly pushing the boundaries of existing knowledge. 

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Prioritizing critical thinking and scientific inquiry

Eversight places a premium on critical thinking and scientific inquiry, seeking mutually beneficial collaborations with partners who share our penchant for curiosity and desire to advance new treatments and cures for blindness. 

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Partner with Eversight to benefit from our rigorous scientific approach and expertise in eye and vision research. Together, we can drive meaningful progress and unlock new frontiers in the fight against blindness. 

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