We restore sight and prevent blindness through the
healing power of donation, transplantation and research.

Eye donation to research

Eversight provides more than 3,000 tissues for research and education annually. Our dedicated research team is trained to recover tissue under strict time and environmental conditions to preserve the integrity of precious biological specimens. In addition, Eversight offers comprehensive donor medical, ocular and social history information with serology results upon request.
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Gift of Hope Fund

Blinding eye diseases deprive millions of people of their sight each year, and costs associated with vision loss have reached $247B annually in the United States. Your donation to the Gift of Hope Fund supports groundbreaking research to develop new cures and treatments by connecting researchers to donor eye tissue and grant funding.
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One of the only programs of its kind, the Eversight Vision Research Registry & Biorepository will collect, process, preserve and distribute diseased and healthy ocular tissue with an unmatched depth of donor medical, social and ocular data for precision research. Researchers will be able to request well-categorized data and tissue that matches their exact needs.

This program will accelerate ocular research that explores the underlying mechanisms of diseases, leading to improved therapies and new cures and potentially preserving and restoring sight for millions of people around the world suffering from diseases like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.
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Hope & Healing

The Hope and Healing program celebrates the gift of donated eye tissue needed to cure vision loss by creating a path to healing for donor families. Eversight connects families of individuals who gave the generous gift of eye tissue to researchers working to cure eye diseases.
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Family’s meeting with researcher gives donation new meaning

“The Hope and Healing program gives families a chance to see the real impact of donation to research. Knowing that your loved one’s donation is helping to find therapies and treatments for blinding eye diseases has a tremendous meaning for families.”
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Access to better vision for everyone

Eversight is dedicated to advancing new treatments through technology, partnerships and clinical practices that will make sight restoration better than ever before.
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Our mission in action

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Shaping our future
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