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The Donor Tribute site is a living memorial, honoring those who wanted to help others by giving a part of themselves through eye, organ and tissue donation.

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, your life is forever changed. We invite you to share a memory, tell a story or write a letter in honor of the donors who have given the gift of donation. While we cannot repay their kindness, we hope to give something back by recognizing each donor's unique and precious gift.

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About the Eversight tribute page

Who should I include in my Donor Tribute?
A Donor Tribute is a meaningful way for you to share memories, stories, photos and other remembrances about that person.

My loved one was not able to be a donor. Can I still create a tribute?
Absolutely. Regardless of the actual outcome, we honor the person and his or her wish to help others through eye donation. This site features tributes to many people whose donations could not be carried out, but they were committed to helping others through donation nonetheless.

My loved one donated organs and tissues, but did not donate eye tissue/corneas. Since this site was built by Eversight, will my tribute still be published?
Yes. Eversight actively supports all donation, not just cornea and eye tissue donation. Your tribute doesn’t have to be about an eye donor.

What does it cost to create a Donor Tribute?
There is no cost to anyone wishing to create a Donor Tribute on this site. It is a free resource for you. If you like, you may choose to make a contribution to Eversight in your loved one’s name. Your gift will help us continue to offer resources, like this Donor Tribute site, to others in the future.

How long will my Donor Tribute be available for viewing?
There are currently no time limitations on our Donor Tributes. In other words, we will keep your tribute on this site until you ask us to remove it.

I submitted a Donor Tribute. How long before it is published?
Normally, it should take no more than a couple of business days. If you provided us with contact information, our staff will contact you to let you know when your tribute is available for viewing. Contact information also enables us to reach out to you if we have questions about your tribute. If you encounter problems in submitting a tribute, please contact us.

Where can I learn more about the donation process? Is it possible to communicate with the recipient(s) of my loved one’s eye donation?
Click here to learn more about the donation process, and how we may be able to facilitate communication between donor family members and transplant recipients.

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