Accelerate your vision research with Eversight grants

Since 1980, the Eversight Eye & Vision Research Grants program has been a driving force in advancing groundbreaking vision science, awarding more than $4 million to support meaningful vision research projects.

Eversight eye & vision research grants program
Eversight eye & vision research grants program
Eversight eye & vision research grants program

Our funding focus

We invite proposals from our partners for funding promising research concerned with:  

  • Vision problems with a special emphasis on projects utilizing human ocular tissue 
  • Corneal surgery and corneal disease  
  • Innovations in eye banking practices 

Seed funding to propel your research

This seed funding of up to $15,000 is intended to:  

  • Develop promising ideas for research 
  • Collect initial data 
  • Pilot projects 
  • Carry out preliminary laboratory work  

Receiving this critical early-stage support can facilitate the submission of full-fledged applications for more extensive support from private or governmental agencies. 

Overcoming barriers, advancing inquiry

Submission guidelines

View the request for proposal and take the first step toward securing funding for your groundbreaking vision research project.

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Submission process & award schedule

Applications are accepted every summer, with funds distributed in January for the following year.

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Past awardees

Browse awarded projects and learn more about the intended impact of their investigations in the field of vision science.

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Connect with Eversight R&D

Together, we can overcome barriers, advance meaningful scientific inquiry and one day contribute to clinical care that improves vision and transforms lives.