Our Focus

We restore sight and prevent blindness through the healing power of donation, transplantation and research.


Donation begins with the selfless decision to be an eye, organ and tissue donor.

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Corneal transplantation gives thousands of people each year the chance to live an independent life full of sight.

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Eversight is transforming the future of sight restoration and accelerating powerful discoveries that will one day eliminate blindness.

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Global vision

More than 10 million people around the world suffer from corneal blindness. Eversight is working to help those in need see life at its best.

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Impact stories

These impact stories are the people who inspire, give and work with us to advance our mission.

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Annual impact report

Thank you for 75 years of sight and helping to build a strong foundation for the future. We’re just getting started.

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Our communities

We work with Lions, volunteers, civic and philanthropic partners and so many others to restore sight and prevent blindness in our communities.

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OPO partners

Our goal is to change as many lives as possible through donation, transplantation and research. Organ procurement organizations are leading partners in this mission.

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Our mission in action

What would it be like if you couldn't see? Imagine not being able to work, see the faces of your loved ones or appreciate a bright, sunny day. For millions of people around the world, this reality impacts every part of their lives. But there is hope.

Eversight is dedicated to restoring sight and preventing blindness through donation, research, transplantation and global development.