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Our goal is to change as many lives as possible through donation, transplantation and research.
Organ procurement organizations are leading partners in this mission.

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Eversight is a 501(c)(3) community-based network of eye banks serving Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, northeast Ohio and New Jersey—as well as east Asia through our location in Seoul, South Korea—and surgeons in more than 25 other countries.

Our first nonprofit eye bank was established in 1947. Since then, we have worked closely with donor families, referring hospitals and agencies, funeral service professionals, coroners/medical examiners and transplant surgeons in our communities to maximize every opportunity for sight-restoring donation.

The need for donated cornea tissues in Eversight’s domestic and international networks is extensive. It provides opportunity for partnership with your OPO.

Eversight is an experienced OPO partner


Average eye tissues recovered annually


Average referrals taken annually


Average tissues placed weekly (U.S. and international)

We are committed to OPO partners and our shared mission impact. Eversight offers:

  • Seamless donor screening & evaluation
    Our processes are designed for integration and seamless flow with our OPO partners.

  • Comprehensive quality assurance
    Our detailed checks and processes provide your team with comprehensive information when you need it.

  • Sustainable reimbursement rates
    Through our scale as a large, diversified community-based eye bank network, we can provide sustainably consistent reimbursement rates to our OPO partners.

  • Knowledgeable staff dedicated to your team
    Our staff dedicated to each OPO partner are specifically trained and knowledgeable regarding your OPO’s needs, processes and preferences.

  • Training and technical assistance
    For OPO partners that choose to assume one or more components of eye-only donation—from screening to recovery to placement—we provide tailored training and technical assistance.

Partnership Opportunities

1. Evaluation & Placement Partnership

Eversight can provide evaluation and placement with no additional functionality required of your OPO if your team recovers eye-only cases and you have identified:

  • Unmet potential for increased eye/tissue donation in your designated service area
  • Capacity to screen and recover more tissues and eye-only cases

Our robust data systems and reporting ensure that we provide you with regular information on tissue outcomes and surgical use, recovery technician quality measures, trending and areas of opportunity, all at the level of detail and frequency your OPO requests. Tailored training is available as requested.


2. Shared Recovery Partnership

Eversight can provide staffing for eye-only cases that your OPO does not recover, with minimal new requirements for your team. This may be ideal if your OPO has identified:

  • Unmet potential for increased eye/tissue donation
  • Capacity to screen more tissues and eye-only cases
  • Capacity to recover more tissue but not eye-only cases

3. Direct Referral Management Partnership

This partnership maximizes the opportunity for donation for all individuals and families within your service area, when your OPO directs eye-only referrals directly to Eversight because you have identified:

  • Unmet potential for increased eye donation
  • The desire or need for an eye bank partner to screen, recover and manage all aspects of eye-only cases

Our long history and reputation working with hospitals and referral sources, families, funeral homes, medical examiners/coroners and all stakeholders in the donation process provides you with confidence in Eversight’s management of these referrals.


4. Import Partnership 

Your OPO may already screen, approach, recover and evaluate eye-only cases—and simply seek additional placements for your recovered eye tissue at sustainable reimbursement. Eversight can provide this for you, in a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Upon request, Eversight can also help you advance your eye banking functions through consultation, technical assistance, training or other services that may benefit your team and operations providing for eye-only cases.


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