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We restore sight and prevent blindness through the
healing power of donation, transplantation and research.

This November is Eye Donation Month!

Since it was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, Eye Donation Month is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the importance of registering to be a donor, cornea donation and transplantation. This year’s Eye Donation Month campaign is centered around the theme The Power of You—which acknowledges the entire community of people who are involved in the journey of sight restoration. Register as a donor today!

Voices of vision

Meet the individuals who are making vision a reality as they share their unique experiences with donation, transplantation and research. From donor families and transplant recipients to renowned surgeons and researchers, learn how we are working together to restore sight and prevent blindness in our communities and around the world.
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Jan Phillips is giving back
When Jan Phillips lost her sight, she thought to herself, “What am I missing the... read more
Jan Phillips is enjoying all the sights life has to offer thanks to eye donation and corneal transplantation. She’s so thankful she dedicated her birthday this year to raising money for Eversight and our sight-saving mission. We think that’s pretty incredible! Full Story
Persistence personified
Gerry Bouey wanted a job. As the third child of six in a blue-collar Detroit home,... read more
Gerry Bouey thought he had it all—the big job and the corner office in downtown Detroit. Then Gerry lost his sight, and it felt like everything was snatched away. But a cornea transplant restored Gerry’s vision … and gave him a whole new purpose. Full Story
Everyone has a story
Dr. Wajid Ali Khan hears all the stories. A son wants to donate one of his corneas... read more
Dr. Wajid Ali Khan hears all the stories. A son wants to donate one of his corneas so his father can see again. A mother doesn’t know how she will care for her children if she can’t see. But for every person Dr. Khan treats in Pakistan, thousands more are still in need. Full Story
Leading change
Global Development leaders Collin Ross and Erik Hellier were honored this summer in... read more
Impacting sight around the world
Something keeps pulling Dr. Richard Gieser and Dr. John Garrett back. Dr. Gieser has... read more
Dr. Richard Gieser has gone on mission trips in 19 countries outside the U.S., traveling to Sudan 14 times to deliver critical medical care. Full Story
Changing the future of research
CLEVELAND — Eversight has launched the Eversight Vision Research Registry &... read more
The key to unlocking cures for vision loss lies in a simple decision—to become an eye donor for research. Full Story

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