Fuel groundbreaking eye and vision research with Eversight

Eversight is a full-service eye and vision R&D partner committed to embracing unbridled curiosity, sound scientific inquisition and bench-to-bedside innovations to prevent, treat and cure blinding eye conditions. 

State-of-the-art facilities and expertise

Housed at the cutting-edge Eversight Center for Vision and Eye Banking Research in Cleveland, our expert team facilitates meaningful scientific inquiry by: 

  • Providing human eye tissue and biofluids for research 
  • Consulting with partners to design and conduct impactful studies 
  • Advancing the fields of eye banking, ophthalmology and beyond through in-house eye and vision R&D

Join a powerful cohort advancing vision science

By partnering with Eversight, you join a powerful cohort focused on advancing science to make vision a reality for more people worldwide—for generations to come. Our collaborative approach brings together academia, biotech and pharma to drive groundbreaking discoveries.

Key offerings

  • Human eye tissue and biofluids 
  • Expert consulting and study design 
  • In-house eye and vision research 
  • Collaborative partnerships 

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CRO+ services

Eversight is more than a traditional contract research organization (CRO)—we are your full-service vision science R&D partner. 

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Eye & Vision Research Grants

Seed grants up to $15,000 are available to our partners. 

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Partners & projects

Meet our partners, view current projects and see why they collaborate with Eversight. 

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Scientific contributions

Browse our published literature and presentations as we lead with data. 

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Meet the team

Our curious, caring team puts science first and thrives on seeking answers to your pressing questions. 

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