Robert L. Brandt

A tribute from: Julie Brandt, Donor Sister

Shine On, Bob

My brother Bob had a magical way of looking at the world. He could look at the situation around him and interpret it with the most hilarious, deadpan sense of humor I have ever known. He was also a gifted photographer who could reconstruct a scene through his lens with such art and beauty. He was a good person. A wonderful, loving person.

Bob fought with depression for over twenty years. On March 17th, he chose to end the battle on his own terms. I can’t condone his choice, but I will always celebrate his life and his unique vision.

We loved him dearly. We loved hearing him tell us how he saw things. I miss him so much, but I’m glad that somewhere out there, you are seeing the world through his beautiful eyes. I hope you enjoy his magic as much as we did.