Explore Eversight’s 2023 impact report as we delve into the remarkable journey of eye donation—one we often refer to as the cycle of sight. This generous cycle encompasses our mission to restore sight and prevent blindness through the healing power of donation, transplantation and research. 

As you follow the cycle of sight, we invite you to reflect on the profound impact of every donor, donor family, recipient, contributor, surgeon, volunteer and researcher involved in making vision a reality. 

The ripple effect of restored vision extends beyond recipients, touching their families, communities and the world. Join us as we honor the contributions of every individual in the cycle of sight and demonstrate the remarkable impact donation has on others.  

A charitable act: The cycle of sight starts here

The miraculous gift of sight begins when someone makes the selfless decision to register as an eye, organ and tissue donor, hoping to help others one day. When a donor passes away, Eversight’s Donation Support Center (DSC) begins the first step in the cycle of sight, connecting with their family to explain the recovery process and proceed with the gift. 7,502 donors and their families gave the gift of sight in 2023.

Tissue recovery & evaluation: Proceeding with the gift

Eversight and organ procurement organization partner technicians recover donated eye tissue in Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and northeast Ohio for transplantation across the United States and in 32 countries around the world. 

Organ procurement organizations (OPOs) are our leading partners in serving our communities, whose staff supports our work daily. The Eversight network grew to include Arizona in 2023 with a new partnership with Donor Network of Arizona, further expanding our shared mission impact. 

After recovery, tissue is evaluated by a processing or research technician and additional testing is done to confirm tissue safety. Eversight’s Donor Eligibility team continues to evaluate the donor’s medical records and any pending test results to determine if the gift is suitable for transplantation, research or education. 

Tissue preparation: Maximizing the impact of every gift 

If confirmed suitable for surgery, the tissue is made available to our Tissue Distribution team so it can be offered to a surgeon for a specific recipient. Once a tissue has been accepted for a scheduled surgical case, it can be prepared by Eversight tissue processing technicians according to those specifications.  


When a surgeon has a patient in need of a transplant, they contact Eversight to arrange for donated eye tissue to be sent to them for surgery.

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Research tissue processing may be customized per project, and those tissues can include all eye tissues and biofluids.  

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Education tissue is stored for in-house training or upcoming wet labs. Most tissue determined unsuitable for transplant or research is given a new role for education. 

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9,248 gifts made transplants possible, and 4,565 tissues went toward research and education.

Eversight takes very seriously the stewardship of the gift of sight given by donors. When a donor family consents to donation, they are specifically asked if their loved one’s gift can be used for transplantation, research/education or both. We strictly adhere to the donor family consent preferences to ensure the gift is honored. 

Surgeons request donor tissue from Eversight when their patient needs a life-changing cornea transplant. After the donor tissue is determined suitable for transplantation, our Tissue Processing team begins processing the tissue to ensure tissue safety and in accordance with the specific type of surgery patients need.  

Tissue placement: Getting the gift to surgeons & patients 

Once the final post-processing evaluation is complete, tissues are packed in a cooler and prepared for shipment. Tissue distribution staff coordinate complex logistics to ensure timely and efficient delivery of these precious gifts. 

Tissue boxes are sent worldwide. In 2023, 3,863 transplants occurred outside the U.S. using tissues recovered and prepared by Eversight. We also provided 419 tissues for research and education and trained 90 international clinicians. 


Eversight is staffed 24/7 to ensure the gift of sight is always available and tissues get where they need to be. The Distribution team adapts to flight cancelations, weather events and any number of unforeseen circumstances to ensure tissue arrives before the scheduled surgery. 

Not only does Eversight facilitate the gift of sight, we also welcome current and prospective partners, philanthropic supporters, community members and more to visit and tour our facilities, learn about eye banking and meet our amazing team.  


Packaging the shipment

Clinical staff at the surgical center unpackage tissues and ensure each one is assigned to the correct surgical case. Transplants are performed throughout the day and the miraculous road to sight begins. Many recipients can see clearly within just a few days of transplantation. 

“With every patient, I have the discussion about their new cornea and the series of events that occurred for them to receive it. 

The revelation that a person made the selfless decision to be a donor and give in their death is not unique, but it is meaningful. 

It's because of the relationship I've had with Eversight that allows me to have these conversations. 

Now my patients have a relationship as well, as they take over the care of the gift that was started at Eversight.” 

– Lorenzo Cervantes, MD 
Connecticut Eye Specialists 
Eversight Medical Director 


Lives are transformed by the gift of sight every day, all because of the generosity of eye donors and their families. 

In 2023, Crystal Jones received a unique direct tissue donation from her late father, Tyrone Jones.  

Leaving a legacy: The impact donors & families have is priceless 

Recipients receive a letter from Eversight offering the opportunity to write to their donor family, and donor families are told how their loved one’s gift changed lives. Donor families are also given the opportunity to write a letter to their loved one’s recipient. Eversight acts as the liaison for all initial donor family and recipient communications. 

When Kelly Klamer’s sister, Karen, lost her battle with cancer, Kelly received a call from Eversight’s DSC asking about eye donation for her sister. Kelly said “yes.” She then received a letter from Eversight explaining that Karen’s donation would be used to advance promising eye and vision research. 


“As my big sister, I was used to her protecting me, but now it was my turn to protect her final wishes. As our time together drew to a close, I realized that organ donation would not be in the cards for Karen. I felt like a failure, because I was not able to get that top wish off her list. Then I got the letter in the mail saying where Karen’s donation went, that it was for research and that she has the potential to save thousands of peoples’ eyesight because of what was being learned.” 

– Kelly Klamer, donor sister 

To honor those who gave the gift of sight, Eversight hosts a Celebration of Legacy and Sight across our service areas every year. At this event, donor families interact with other donor families and transplant recipients, hear personal stories about the impact of donation and see a slideshow honoring their loved ones. 

Mark Trieglaff spoke of his wife’s donation at the 2023 Celebration of Legacy and Sight in Illinois.  

Donor families may also write a tribute for their loved one on Eversight’s website. 

Thank you

Thank you for joining us in the journey of eye donation and reflecting on the incredible cycle of sight. From the selfless decision to become a donor to the life-changing moment of transplantation and beyond, this journey illustrates the profound interconnectedness of our mission. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to every donor, donor family, recipient, medical professional and supporter who contributes to this mission. Together, we are making vision a reality for more people worldwide.

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