Miles K. Walter

A tribute from: Debbie Walter, Donor Wife

My Soul Mate

My husband died unexpectedly a month ago of a massive heart attack. He was helping our 19 y.o. son, Seth and his 20 y.o. wife Amanda. They were in separate vehicles and were being chased by some men in the middle of the night. Seth called us and Miles went to help. He died while witnessing the drama unfold right in front on him. That is why having Miles become a donor was such an easy decision — he helped people before he died and he would continue to help others even after death.

Miles and I have been together since I was 17 y.o. and he was 18 y.o.. He was the love of my life. I wrote this poem early in the morning before his Memorial Service. I read it, with strength through God, and my son’s arm around me:


Debbie Walter, 3/11/05

Miles and I were “babies” when we married long ago.

We bought a house and paid our bills, but little did we know.

God had a plan already, we just had to take His hand,

and in the end He took Miles home, just as He’d always planned.

Miles was the hardest working guy that I had ever known,

but he would call and tell me how he wanted to get home.

His family always knew his love, it never was unsure

and when it came to loving friends, his heart was simply pure.

Our daughter Kelly died so young, we wish she could’ve stayed

but now he gets to hold her close like he had always prayed.

Another daughter joined our lives, we love Amanda so

she’s filled a void within our hearts, we hope she’ll always know.

Our lives were headed towards this day, as things fell into place.

Soon Seth and Miles were working for two Christians full of grace.

They loved the job and people, they could see the promised land

and when the time would come to leave, our son would have a hand.

Some day I’ll take his hand again and feel his shoulders strong

the place my head would always rest when something would go wrong

He died a hero, as he lived, a man of God so true

I’m looking forward to the day I get to join him too.

Miles left us way too early but he led a good, full life

I thank the Lord my soul mate got to choose me as his wife

Please hold your dear ones closely, ’cause we’re only here on loan

some day we all will join sweet Miles; his smile will call us home.

Thank you and God Bless You All!