Leonard William Watson, Jr.

A tribute from: Lydia Watson, Donor Mother

My Son, My Heart

If you are reading this, you probably are living without a loved one with you on earth, but I believe they are living in our hearts and are beside us always. Our heartfelt thoughts to you and your loved ones.

A heartfelt thank you to Susan Bresler (of the Lions Eye Bank of New Jersey) and the New Jersey Sharing Network for allowing me to write this honor, “My Son Lenny, My Heart” and for making it possible for Lenny and others to give the gift of life, which includes organ transplant and research to help others.

My doctor told me he’s never seen anyone this happy to be pregnant. Our son, Leonard William Watson, Jr. was born on 6/2/86 – the happiest day of our lives. His Grandma ran down the hall into her son’s arms, just elated. His Grandpa and Lenny’s Dad were extra proud because he was the first and only boy in the family (FYI: it’s the male sperm that determines the sex of a child J) . The three of them carried this honor with deep love and respect all their lives, which made their bond even more special and all of us very proud.

Lenny Jr. was so excited when he first got his driver’s license. I noticed he wanted to be an organ donor on his license. I asked him if he knew what that meant, and he replied, “Yes, Mom – why wouldn’t I want to help or save someone.” Of course, I then told him was proud of him and loved him.

Our angel went to heaven too soon – a precious life taken before his dreams were fulfilled. In 2005, he was hit by a car almost went to heaven then. He persevered through surgeries and therapies. He wrote “To the Bests,” which was copyrighted in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and published in Artistic Views, edited by Virginia Bryan. We’d like to share this with you. LEN, you ARE The Best.

In 2007, our son got sick and went to heaven with God and our loved ones. He graduated high school and attended college with dreams of having a career in forensic psychology. He enjoyed music, bike riding and driving his car. He could light up a room with his smile, his blue eyes and his love. He was a man of his word – loyal, sincere and a gentleman with a good heart. He said he wanted to do something great with his life. Well, my son, you have. With all your love and your good heart, you helped many, taught many, changed many and touched many. You lived, laughed and loved us deeply. None of our lives will be the same without you, but our lives are better because of you. Here’s to the memories. “I’m everything I am because you loved me.”

“My son Lenny, my heart,” if I were given a chance to be anything I wanted to become, there’s nothing I would rather be than your parent and there is no one I would rather have as my son. We love you always and 4ever.

Mom and Dad

XOXOXOXO and we are so proud of you.

His Dad and I can’t take the credit for Lenny’s good heart and caring for others. One example is his wish to be an organ donor, and we honored his request. Because of him, his dad and I – and other family and friends – also want to be organ donors. Over 400 people honored our Lenny, our son, at his viewing and wore green Donate Life bracelets with love, pride and sadness because he’s not here.

His family and friends were important to him and he was to them. My son, my joy, my heart, we hold you in our hearts each and every day. We will be with you again one day. Til then, we know you are our guardian angel.


Lenny’s Mom and Dad