Elsie A. Yeagle

A tribute from: Susan Mann, Donor Daughter

Our “Gam Gam”

Elsie Yeagle, my Mom, was the heart of our family. The mother of 5 children, she was known as “Gam Gam” to her 17 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Two more great grandchildren have been born in the year and a half since her death, with 2 more on the way.

My mom was the rock that held us together. She lived for her family and everyone loved her dearly and we still do. Her death was very sudden. Although one is never prepared for a loved one passing away, this was especially difficult because it was so unexpected.

She was an animal lover who had many pets in her lifetime and left behind 2 cats and a bird that she truly loved.

She was also a talented poet and won a few contests for her poems, besides being an avid doll collector.

Although we didn’t know before she passed about her decision to donate her organs and tissues, none of us were surprised. That’s just how she was…very giving and willing to help anyone that needed it.

She was very proud and embraced her Cherokee Indian heritage.

We love her very much and just knowing that someone has received her gift of sight makes us feel like she is living on.