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Proceeding with the gift: Tissue recovery & evaluation

The miraculous cycle of sight begins when a person makes the selfless decision to register as an eye, organ and tissue donor.  

Proceeding with the gift, Eversight and organ procurement organization (OPO) partner technicians recover donated eye tissue in Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and northeast Ohio for transplantation across the United States and in 30+ countries around the world. 

After recovery, donor tissue is evaluated by a processing or research technician and additional testing is done to confirm tissue safety. Eversight’s Donor Eligibility team continues to evaluate the donor’s medical records and any pending test results to determine if the gift is suitable for transplantation, research or education.
Tamara Thomson, Donor Eligibility Supervisor
“Donor Eligibility is incredibly important as we are the last look at everything before this tissue is transplanted to a recipient. We carefully do a quality review of the whole case, paperwork, serologies, medical records, etc., to determine if the tissue is safe for transplant. We also ensure we are following all EBAA & FDA regulations, as well as our internal policies, procedures and standards of practice. Donor Eligibility contributes to the overall success & well-being of recipients by providing them safe tissue to restore their sight.” 
Tamara Thomson, Donor Eligibility Supervisor
Continue learning about the cycle of sight in Eversight’s 2023 impact report. 
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