Innovative dry eye therapies

Where to turn when the standard options are not enough

Innovative dry eye therapies | Eversight webinar recap

By Michael Szkarlat, Partner Development Director

Dry eye is a common condition affecting millions of people globally. While standard treatments for dry eye exist, what can be done when standard treatments don’t work?

In the April 2023 edition of Eversight's Webinar Series, Mark Milner, MD of Golden Eye in Palm Beach Florida - an expert in cornea and dry eye - discusses innovative dry eye therapies that can supplement standard options. These can be divided into five categories: compounded medications, biologics, neurostimulation, immunosuppression, and anti-infectives. 

Dr. Milner finishes with a brief overview of the innovative treatments that may be available in the future or are currently in development. Overall, it is important to remember that dry eye is a complex disease and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for patients. In fact, dry eye is most often a multi-treatment disease.

The webinar ends with a spirited question-and-answer session that highlights some great tips for both online and compounding pharmacies. Check out the resources below! 

Dry Eye Treatment Algorithm: Dr. Milner’s algorithm for the treatment of dry eye is published, free and available here. 

  • Scripthero: mentioned by Dr. Milner as a way to get discounted Cequa in cases where it is being used in combination with Restasis and therefore not covered for the patient. 
  • VLS Pharmacy: Dr. Milner recommends using this pharmacy for a variety of compounded medications. 

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