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Transitioning to DMEK with the DORC tube

Presenter: Parag A. Majmudar, MD

DMEK surgery can be daunting for surgeons when they first begin integrating it into their practice. But with the new preloaded DORC tube from Eversight, making the transition to DMEK surgery can be painless.

Management of corneal ectasia

Presenter: Shahzad I. Mian, MD

This presentation will discuss the evolving treatment strategies for the management of corneal ectasia.

Keratoprosthesis in corneal blindness

Presenter: M. Soledad Cortina, MD

This presentation will discuss the role of artificial corneas in the treatment of corneal blindness, describe the different types of KPro and their indications. It will also review tissue needs from the eye bank, complications that may arise and research to improve outcomes focusing on ideas and projects that are most relevant to eye banking.

DALK pearls

Presenter: Nambi Nallasamy, MD

Adding DALK to your repertoire can increase options for your patients. We will review indications and contraindications for DALK, different approaches to the procedure and how to handle the unique complications that can arise with DALK.

Restart your practice with an effective patient communication plan

Presenter: Jill Maher, MA, COE & Ryan Schumacher

Learn what information your patients need to know and best practices for patient communication across your marketing channels. Attendees will also receive a free patient communication plan that can be tailored to your practice.

Impact of COVID-19 on ocular disease and donor tissue

Presenter: Michael Titus, CEBT, Eversight VP of Clinical Operations & Shahzad I. Mian, MD

Dr. Mian will explore the impact of COVID-19 on ocular disease and Michael Titus will discuss Eversight's ongoing work to provide safe donor eye tissue. Come prepared with questions for this interactive webinar.