The Power of YOU


This month we celebrate eye donation and the power YOU have to make vision a reality.

Whether you're learning about eye donation for the first time or are a donor family member like Alice Walsh, YOU have the power to restore sight and prevent blindness.

Spread the power of eye donation this November using #EyeDonationMonth on social media. Tag @EversightVision on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram—share how YOU build hope, restore sight and change lives.

"I was comforted knowing Connor's gift of sight was given to two individuals who needed it most."Alice Walsh, donor mother
Connor's legacy

Alice is an Eversight donor family member featured in the 2019 Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) Eye Donation Month campaign. We are honored to continue working with her to educate and inform others on the life-changing power of eye donation.

Read the story of Connor's legacy and watch Alice's video below to learn more about the impact of eye donation. Are you a registered eye, organ and tissue donor?

Every year, Eversight restores vision and independence to more than 8,000 people worldwide.

But we can't do it without YOU—donors and their loved ones, healthcare professionals and vision science researchers, philanthropic supporters and all stewards of the gift of sight.

Register today as an eye, organ & tissue donor!

Give the gift of sight

Join us in making vision a reality—give today.

Make your difference

We also thank Congressman Dan Kildee, who represents the state of Michigan where Eversight is headquartered, for issuing a congressional proclamation in tribute to everyone who makes vision a reality.

I proclaim November 2019, as Eye Donation Month and encourage all Americans to take part in this month by registering to become eye, organ, and tissue donors.Congressman Daniel T. Kildee, 116th Congress
In this season of gratitude, Eversight has launched a matching


campaign to impact even more lives. Please consider supporting Eversight and help us earn a generous $4,000 match from our Board of Directors.

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