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Begin the remarkable journey of eye donation with Eversight’s Donation Support Center

A charitable act: The cycle of sight starts here

The miraculous gift of sight begins when someone makes the selfless decision to register as an eye, organ and tissue donor, hoping to help others one day.  

When a donor passes away, Eversight’s Donation Support Center (DSC) begins the first step in the cycle of sight, connecting with their family to explain the recovery process and proceed with the gift. 

7,502 donors and their families gave the gift of sight in 2023. 

When Dawn Shipp lost her mom, Annette, she received a call from the DSC asking her about eye donation. This conversation began the cycle of giving the gift of sight, and future communications with Dawn and her family led her to joining the Eversight team. 

Almost a decade later, Dawn is a Clinical Operations Manager at Eversight, managing the DSC day shift of 14 staff. 

“When people talk about what it’s like to talk to a family...I’m that family,” Dawn said. “I was on the other end: I completed the paperwork; I answered those questions that are very personal. Maybe that’s why I feel like I can connect more to families. Donation can have a lasting effect on people.” 
Follow Dawn Shipp’s journey from grief to her calling: helping donor families like hers in Eversight’s 2023 impact report. 
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