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Comprehensive remote training from experienced surgeons

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How it works

From the convenience of your own surgical scope and computer, join this interactive, hands-on training and receive personalized, comprehensive instruction on everything you need to know about DMEK. We'll provide all necessary tissue and surgical instruments, plus a phone camera adapter for your assistant/teaching surgical scope so you receive real-time feedback as you practice your technique.

What you'll learn

Gain the technical skills and knowledge to quickly transition to DMEK. Experienced DMEK surgeons will:

  • Guide you through DMEK from tissue preparation to post-operative care
  • Demonstrate graft insertion and positioning techniques
  • Provide individualized, real-time guidance and insights as you master performing DMEK
  • Discuss potential surgical challenges and complications and how to manage them

The takeaways

  • Understand the preparation and preservation of donor corneal tissue used for DMEK
  • Know DMEK indications, results, complications and post-operative care
  • Have the technical skills and knowledge to perform DMEK surgery for your patients

What's included

This is what you get when you register for a virtual DMEK wet lab with Eversight.
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Course pre-work

Instructor-assigned readings

DMEK tissue processing video

Introduction to DMEK video

Surgical Practice System (SPS)

DMEK Complete SPS

Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber

Preloaded injector of your choice

Snapzoom scope adapter

Universal digiscoping adapter

Attaches to your phone camera

Shipped directly to you

Two donor tissues

One full-thickness cornea

One DMEK-prepared cornea

True anatomic practice

Wet lab recording

Delivered just days later

Watch from anywhere

Revisit it any time

We have a wet lab for you

Register for one of our scheduled virtual wet labs below or reach out to our team to inquire about 1-on-1, international, private group or industry conference courses.

2021 virtual wet lab

Preloaded DMEK
: Saturday, May 22, 2021
Time: 9 a.m.-noon ET
Lead instructors: David Chu, MD, Metropolitan Eye Research and Surgery Institute of NY & NJ; and Lorenzo Cervantes, MD, Connecticut Eye Specialists
Instructors: Jeffrey M. Goshe, MD, Cleveland Clinic; Ahmed Omar, MD, University Hospitals; and Elmer Tu, MD, University of Illinois-Chicago.
Course fee: $500
Spaces available: 10

Registration closed May 12, 2021.

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