Racism and violence have no place.

We stand for healing and changing lives for the better.

Eversight stands in solidarity with our multicultural partners and communities and all those taking action for peace, social justice and equity for all in our society. Racism and violence have no place.

We urge action to heal, lift up and change lives for the better. Recognize the loss of life. Honor George Floyd. Commit to finding a path forward. Begin the tough conversations about how we can do better as individuals, families, neighbors and communities. Donate to those working to make this world a better place for all people of color.

Changing lives for the better is at the core of Eversight’s mission. It unites us in our work and in the communities we serve, regardless of race, income, gender, sexual orientation, identity or faith.

June 3, 2020

In this season of gratitude, Eversight has launched a matching


campaign to impact even more lives. Please consider supporting Eversight and help us earn a generous $4,000 match from our Board of Directors.

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