William T. Sessler

A tribute from: Your loving wife, Barbara & your children Bill, Paul, Tony, Joe and Barb

Little did we know the early morning hours of May 15 th, 2005, that God was going to call our beloved husband, devoted father and cherished grandfather, William T. Sessler, to himself at the age of 73. We loved him dearly. He left us with many beautiful memories to cherish, but our hearts are broken.

Bill was a veteran of the Korean War, having served in the U.S. Air Force for four years. His life’s work was in research and development of the can making industry. He worked out of the Sacramento, California territory for 10 years before his retirement, traveling to companies in the western states to install new parts and machinery and troubleshoot problems customers were having. His customers felt very confident in his expertise and help and enjoyed their business relationships with him.

Upon retiring, he returned to his family in Chicago. During his retirement he enjoyed many hobbies and always kept busy. He purchased a 1965 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon, which was an exact replica of the family car we owned when the children were growing up and held many fond memories of the trips we enjoyed. He took great pride in this car and enjoyed working on it and showing at various antique shows. He was looking forward to summer so that he could attend these shows and had already made reservations for several car shows before his passing. He was very proud of this car and the many 1 st place trophies he received.

Twice a year, he enjoyed driving to Portland, Oregon to visit one of his sons and daughter-in-law and spent many “Happy Hours” with them at a local micro brewery called the “Lucky Lab”, as well as enjoying the mountains and scenery along the way.

He liked going to bed early and rising early. Each morning, he enjoyed his coffee, and loved to read the newspapers and work the crossword puzzles. He had a good memory and was extremely intelligent, with a good aptitude for repairing or replacing anything that needed to be taken care or finding out how to do something. He was not afraid to tackle a project. He was always eager to help his children, grandchildren or someone in need no matter what the problem might be, as well as anything that needed to be done at home and enjoyed looking for recipes and cooking some of the meals.

Although he didn’t always find it easy to outwardly express his emotions, he always wanted the best for his family.

He never discussed being an organ donor, however, when we were approached by the Gift of Hope, we, his family, knew he would want us to speak for him because he would want to help someone whose life could be made better by using a part of him he would no longer need. We decided to donate his corneas, which were given to two women, who are able to see through Bill’s beautiful eyes that lit up when he laughed. We also donated his tissue and bones, which will also be offered to someone in need of the gift of hope, as well as in research.

Although our grief is very deep, we find solace in knowing that a part of this wonderful husband, father and grandfather, whom we deeply miss, will help some unfortunate persons lead a happier life. What a tribute to this gracious man we deeply love and hold forever in hour hearts. We are confident that we made the right decision and he would be proud that we did.

His sons introduced him to the music of Billy Joe Shaver, whom he enjoyed seeing perform and the following words from this song became his favorite:

Live Forever

By Billy Joe Shaver and Eddy Shaver

I’m gonna live forever

I’m gonna cross that river

I’m gonna catch tomorrow now

You’re gonna wanna hold me

Just like I’ve always told you

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.

Nobody here will ever find me

But I will always be around

Just like the songs I leave behind me

I’m gonna live forever now.

You fathers and you mothers

Be good to one another

Please try to raise your children right

Don’t let the darkness take ‘em

Don’t make ‘em feel forsaken

Just lead ‘em safely to the light.

When this old world has blown asunder

And all the stars fall from the sky

Remember someone really loves you

We’ll live forever you and I.

I’m gonna live forever

I’m gonna cross that river

I’m gonna catch tomorrow now.

With all our love,

Your loving wife, Barbara & your children Bill, Paul, Tony, Joe and Barb