Wanda C. Dean

A tribute from: Bob Dean, Donor Husband

Such a loving, giving person…

My wife dealt with Lou Gehrig’s Disease for 15 years. She was by far the strongest person I’ve ever met and never quit giving of herself.

Even in the last few days of her life, her focus was on helping those who would be left behind. She will always be loved and, through her gracious giving, we were notified that she helped two people to see. As she would say, that is worth a great big atta-boy.

She had rules on her door for visitors. Good rules for all to follow:

No crying in my room.

If you make me cry, you have to wipe my nose.

Leave me with a good laugh.

Caral, I will always love you and miss you. You will always live on in my heart, and in the eyes of two very fortunate people.