Trent E. Overton

A tribute from: Paula Foster, Donor Mom

To the Recipient in Tinley Park

I cannot describe the pain and grief of losing a child. There is nothing in the world worse than what I have been through. My son, Trent, had just become a true man when for some reason he was taken from us.

He was in a senseless motorcycle accident one house from where he resided on a residential turnaround street. The police think an animal may have run out in front of him, causing him to brake suddenly. He then lost control and sustained massive head injuries.

I felt that donating his organs and anything else that would be of help to anyone else would somehow ease my pain. I’m not sure if it is working – however, I am satisfied in knowing that you now have the gift of sight.

We also donated his kidneys and all his tissues, heart valves, veins and bones so that other lives may be enhanced. His other organs such as heart, lungs, liver and pancreas could not be used due to loss of oxygen.