Tracy Gregory

A tribute from: Erica Gregory, Donor Daughter

My Beautiful Mom

My mom left this world way too soon at the age of 53 from a heart attack. My mom and I were best friends, we did everything together. We use to go to the chipotle near where she lived and we always use to wear something matching, who am I kidding that was every time we went out. My mom worked at the Ultra foods in Wheaton as a deli manager. Her co workers described her as someone who could brighten someones day with her spirit and energy. Ultra foods announced her passing over the intercom and the whole store went silent. Her coworkers started to cry and everyone was in shock. Ultra foods then offered to supply all the food and drinks to her memorial service. My moms spirit was able to live on through other people by her being an organ donor. She was able to help a lady in West Virginia receive a sight restoring transplant because of her donation. It makes me happy to know she was able to continue to help people even after her passing because she was the type that always wanted to help everyone.