Tina’s Gift

A tribute from Steve Paauwe, Tina's husband

Tina was my everything, not just a loving wife but also my best friend. Tina was a very beautiful person inside and out, she was very outgoing, loving and had a very beautiful soul. She was indeed my soul mate. We first met in High school back in 1985, Tina and her family moved to GR and became friends, but it wasn’t till 15 years later we re-connected and started dating. then after about 5 years of dating we became husband and wife. I had 4 children from my previous marriage and Tina had 3 from hers. We were a huge loving family! It was always exciting to see things through her eyes since a lot of things I took for granted she had never experienced before. There was so much more I wish that we could have done but it was her time and we will miss her dearly. I still don’t know how to handle the loss of my wife and best friend, it’s very challenging to say the least. I’m very happy that Tina made the decision to be an organ donor and I’m very glad that someone could benefit from her passing. Some day I would love to meet the man from New Jersey that was given the gift of sight from my wife Tina. Tina will forever be in my thoughts and heart forever!

Tina Paauwe donor tribute