The World Through “Our” Eyes

A tribute from: Stacey Thomas a recipient

Stacey Thomas Today is the 15th anniversary of my cornea transplant. I do not know any details about the wonderful person who made a decision to help others in their afterlife, but I can certainly tell you that I am a very grateful cornea recipient, living life to my fullest and making sure I “see this world for the both of us”.

My cornea donor is the unsung hero of my life, giving forward to an unknown person – simply to help another person. Their decision is priceless and I will NEVER take it for granted. I have, and will continue to, look for the best in everything I see and everywhere I go …all because of the selfless donation of my donor. Stacey Thomas & Family

Word cannot express my thanks to that person – and his or her family in making this happen. They don’t even know me, and they are my family… forever.

All my love and thanks,

Grateful and Blessed Recipient Stacey