Sabrina A. Graham-Shelton

A tribute from: Cametrius Shelton, Donor Husband

My Sabrina was 40 years old, she loved God, life and family.

Sabrina was ill for 15 years with a rare disease that attacks the intestinal tract. She had over 105 surgeries to correct twisting of her intestines. The decision was made to have a bowel transplant. Sabrina was on the list for the transplant before she passed. Our son graduates June 1, 2017, and she wanted to be here for this great day of his life. But she passed April 23, and we won’t be able to celebrate with her during this event and it hurts bad.

I made the decision to donate her eyes because someone would have donated their loved one’s intestines for my Sabrina to live. I thank Eversight for contacting me to give us an opportunity to help someone else in life.