Robert M. Welch

A tribute from: Amy Stoddard, Donor Daughter

My Dad

I lost my Dad on May 27, 2005. I didn’t get to say goodbye or look into his eyes one last time. I hope, through his donation, someone else will have the chance to see and love all of the many things he did.

My Dad liked to take pictures. Some people take pictures of scenery or places they visit. My Dad only did this if we were in the picture. He often took pictures of a favorite car or motorcycle, but they almost always had someone he loved standing beside them. As our family has looked through these pictures in the last month, I realized he liked seeing his family. He took pictures of the people he loved.

He learned to develop pictures while he was in the Army and started taking pictures of his first and only love, my Mom. They shared over 50 years of marriage – quite a standard set for me to follow. There were many grandkids and great-grandkids, and grandkids fishing with him. My sister and I have hoped for a sign to tell us that he knew we loved him. I now know as I look at all these pictures of us smiling into the camera at him that he photographed our love for him in each and every picture.

You are greatly missed, Dad. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and wish I could see you one more time. You will always be loved and live on in our lives and hearts through the many memories and pictures we have with you.


Robert M. Welch

A Tribute From:

Brooke Holt, Donor Daughter

The strongest man I know

I will never understand the loss of my Papa. I have never known anyone like him and know that nobody could ever compare. He was always there for me and could make me laugh so hard. He loved my grandma and his family so much and that can be hard to find sometimes.

I could never have prepared myself for that phone call on May 27th. He was the healthiest person I know. He may not have ate well, but he was so strong and worked very hard. I always admired that.

I love to look at pictures when he was so young and handsome and I just wonder how he was raised to be such a caring person. My son is only one year old and he had just learned to say Papa. I can show him pictures everyday of his Papa playing with him and loving him, but how will he ever know how wonderful he was? And who will take him fishing? I wish he could have known him better. I don’t think my stories and words will ever describe him well enough.

I love you so much Papa and I miss you more each day. I know you told me, “The Lord taketh and the Lord giveth”. But I am not sure yet why this happened and wish I could have you back.

10-4……….I love you!