Robert J. Kobbeman

A tribute from: Raye Ann Kobbeman, Donor Wife

My husband

I lost my husband, best friend and love of my life, a month ago. At the time I was so very upset to loose him suddenly. We always talked we would be organ donors. I was thankful he did put on his drivers license that he would be an organ donor. On his passing I was so upset I could not remember to bring that up, that we would donate what we could. Thankfully the hospital and the Funeral/Coroner reminded me to think about this. I agreed immediately. It gives me great honor that my husband was able to help these people that very day. I know he lives on and is helping someone in need, the way he did his whole life everyday. I miss him every moment but I know he would want this.

God Bless all of you.

Raye Ann Kobbeman

In Honor of Robert J. Kobbeman