Robert H. Kornacki

A tribute from: Donna James, Donor Daughter

Each evening, my husband (Bob) and I would take the time to sit and talk with each other about what happened that day at work. A week before he passed away, we were discussing organ donation and how we could help others in need. Little did I know that the following Friday in a hospital ER after Bob had his heart attack (at age 50) I would be making that decision.

I have never regretted saying yes when the ER nurse asked if I wanted to donate his eyes. Even now, I encourage people to at least think about donation.

Bob loved to fish, be outdoors and let everyone know he was a former marine. He enjoyed life and would talk to anyone about anything. It would mean so much to me to know his beautiful eyes are helping someone out there see the world as he did. He never regretted a day he lived, and I am sure he is proud to know he helped someone see this wonderful world.

Thank you and God bless.

Peg Kornacki