Richard Grande

A tribute from: Tom & Angela Grande, Donor Parents

Richard was taken from us way to soon but we hold precious all the wonderfull things he did for us and for so many others.

For most people, 20 years isn’t a long time to see the world, but in this short amount of time Richard’s eyes saw more and experienced better days than most people’s futures will ever hold. These eyes saw the faces of all the people that he touched and the happiness that he created whenever he was around. He saw his family’s joy everyday just to have him as part of their lives,the excitement they had when he went bar down and scored the winning goal as Captain of his ice hockey team, and when he danced around to Zac Brown Bands, “Chicken Fried.” Richards eyes saw his friends admiration for his motivation and dedication to everything that he planned to do and he saw his friends laugh whenever he said another corny joke or whenever he walked into the room with his movado, flannel, bandana and work boots on. His eyes held the vision of every good memory that he left behind and the lives that he changed. The recipients of these eyes is not only getting the gift of sight but hopefull y the gift of Richards view on life. They’re getting a second chance to see everything the he didn’t get the chance to see, and that gift is the most precious of them all.