Randy Dixon

A tribute from: Neice, Alyssa Monzula-Lestock email

My Uncle was an amazing man. He was full of life. He was an honest, caring, smart and incredibly funny person who carried his sense of humor until his last day. He was always (unintentionally) the center of attention. His good looks, charisma, smooth talking and witty annotations made him one of the most loveable and memorable men you would ever meet. He loved the finer things in life and knew how to enjoy them. He loved the game of golf. He was educated in life. When times were tough, he gave honest advice, not always the advice you wanted, but authentic. He never turned someone in need away and had a heart of pure gold.

We miss him more than any words can express. Our family is missing a piece of its puzzle that will never be replaced. Giving hope to someone else’s life and improving their time with their family comforts a small piece of the overwhelming grief.