Peace, love, joy and hope

A tribute from: a thankful recipient

Dear Family and loved ones of a cornea donor:

Several weeks ago I received a very precious gift — it was not only the gift of a new cornea, but the gift of renewed hope. After undergoing numerous eye surgeries and procedures, hope was something that was slipping through my fingers. The gift of hope was restored to me on the day of my corneal transplant. This has been a very successful transplant.

Along with the gifts of hope and sight also came a deep thankfulness and appreciation to those who continue to give of themselves to others, even after their physical lives have ended. Such commitment to humankind is the sort of vision around which our world revolves — a true vision of the heart and human spirit.

I am so grateful to be able to share the gifts of this vision on both the physical and humanistic levels. I struggle for the words to adequately express what is in my heart. I pray you can hear the gratitude and appreciation, along with the humility of my spirit, in being chosen to receive gifts your loved one has made possible.

My deepest thanks. Peace, love, joy and hope.

A Thankful Recipient.