Patricia K. Mays-Martin

A tribute from: Helen K. Olenick, Donor Mom

My Dear Daughter

My dear daughter, Patricia. We sure do miss you… But it helps knowing you tried to help someone else to see. Even though your eyes couldn’t help someone else, at least you tried, but there are four people whose lives were saved because of you… Your liver, lung and kidneys are now placed with someone else and you live on… So wonderful to know that a part of you is keeping people alive so they can enjoy their lives and their families again… You went to be with God at an early age, but you will always be 35 years old, and you are in good hands, and you are all right. I know you are one of God’s angels and are looking down on us… And you are so proud of your three daughters.

So remember, we all love you and miss you.

With Love,

Mom, George, Michael, Danelle, Barbara and Darla


Patricia K. Mays-Martin

Missing you Sis

It is hard to believe that you are not here with us, but I know that you are in great hands with God. Today is your birthday and I wish that there was a direct phone line to heaven, so I could call to tell you that I love you and have a wonderful birthday. I don’t want you to ever worry about Danni, because I am always here for her. Every time I look at her, I know that I am seeing a part of you. When I am in a plane high in the sky, that is when I am talking to you because I know that is the closest I will be to you for now. I just hope you can hear me. Trisha, we all miss you so much, but I know that one day we will be together again.

Well, I would like to close this just like we ended our phone talks… You would say “BYE BYE” and I would always say “IT’S NEVER BYE, it is I WILL TALK WITH YOU LATER, SIS.” I love you GIRL!