Moises “Junior” Viloria

A tribute from: Yong Viloria, Donor Mom

My son Moises Viloria was taken from me on July 6, 2011. He did wonderful things and gave a gift to life to several by donating 70% of his organs. Moises always wanted to give and he could not be happier. He is always going to be remembered because of the smiles he’s brought to this earth and the hero that he is. His name and memory is forever engraved in my heart.

I wrote a poem to show how much he meant to me because no one will ever know him like I did.

My son brought joy to my face as a baby.

His smile lit my world and I had every purpose of being here on this earth.

I knew this my new beginning, since his birth.

I always prayed that god blessed me with a baby boy.

Junior was born and brought me so much joy.

His passion for art, music, and happiness always made me proud and never less.

The way he left my life, the day god took him from my family.

I thought I’d never go on being happy.

I know that sadness and tears will not bring him back But god is filling heaven with the angels they lack.

I know my sole purpose was to raise such a beautiful and perfect son.

Now, I know I can go on with his wonderful gift to others.

I love you my son with all the love in this world.

You are still my bright and shiny star.

Mommy is always going to love you my son.