Mikal A. Davis

A tribute from: Donor Mom, email

In the Darkness of a Snowstorm

an Angel Got His Wings

Today I got to go to Michigan to the Gift of Life’s annual donor family ceremony. Although there wasn’t anyone present there who was a recipient of any of Mikal’s organs, it was still an amazing privilege and inspiration to see how God can use the life of one person to forever change the lives of so many others. While it doesn’t make us miss him any less, it’s a comfort to know that he has made a difference and was able to give others a gift beyond measure: a second chance.

So many blessed, because of you

Today was hard, but we made it thru

You gave in life, even more in death

You gave until there was nothing left

As I travelled on the same road as you that day

The sky seemed an endless canopy of gray

But there in the distance, cut like a knife

The sky gave way to clouds of white

A reminder to me to look ahead to the light

To see past the pain of that dreadful night

Your heart still beats in a father’s chest

Your eyes allow another to see their best

Your lungs still grateful just to inhale

Your liver carries on where another has failed

The list goes on, so many lives changed

You’re still here, just slightly re-arranged

Even if you knew how your story would end

I know you’d still get in that car again

It’s not quite the same without you here

But you’re in our hearts and we do not fear

We may not understand it, but we know God is in control

I now see how one familys tragedy could be another’s miracle