Michael L. Zyla

A tribute from: Marcia Zyla, Donor Wife

Beautiful Blue Eyes

My husband wanted to donate more than just his eyes, but couldn’t. Being a diabetic with poor circulation and a bad heart, it just wasn’t possible. Mike had such beautiful blue eyes that most women loved to look at! He himself was such an inspiration to others. With all his physical limitations, he still “saw” things that others could not. I hope the recipients, women, one from Findlay, Ohio and one from Grand Rapids, Michigan, can see the things that others could not, and the families of their loved ones look into those beautiful eyes and know that Mike literally had 9 lives, and was a very strong person who would not give up. Knowing that a part of him still is helping someone, words can not describe the wonderful feeling it leaves in my heart. I’ll be looking for those beautiful blue eyes!