Michael E. Coffey

A tribute from: Sheila Roberts, Donor Mom

My Son

Michael was a very special person; everyone liked him, and he would do anything for you if he could. Michael was born 3 months early, weighing only a pound and a half. He had a hard life, being sick alot, but he grew and got stronger each day. We never thought we would have him as long as we did. But he fooled all of us. Michael was a very strong person. He had his own ways, and would tell excatly what was on his mind. He loved his sister and brother more than they know. He also had a very special neice he loved more than life. Michael got sick in 2007, and had a heart attack. They put a stent in, and he seemed to be doing great. Then on that night — Sept 16, 2010 — when he called me to say something was wrong, I knew he was having another heart attack. This time he wouldn’t be so lucky. He had a massive heart attack, and I lost him. That was the first time i had heard about Gift of Hope. We made the hard desecion to donate his organs. We knew Michael would want to help anyone he could. The day I got the letter stating a woman had recieved Mike’s eyes, I cried, not because i was sad, but because my son had just helped someone see again. I knew he was living through someone else. I miss my son so very much and it is still very hard without him. He is with god, helping people and watching over all of us down here. We love and miss you, Michael. ‘Til I see you again, mom loves you more than you ever knew; you were and still are my world.