Michael A. Leadingham

A tribute from: Amanda Leadingham, Donor Sister

The Unforgettable Day…

On July 21, 2003 at 6:44pm, Michael Andrew Leadingham, his girlfriend Holly and his older brother, Christopher Allen Leadingham, were all driving to Chatsworth to drop Holly off at home. Christopher was driving about 80mph and the car started to swerve a little bit on the road. He tried to keep it straight while they went over the bridge, but he couldn’t. Before the car hit the bridge, Michael and his girlfriend told Chris to stop swerving all over the road. He said that he wasn’t doing it. Michael saw the bridge and jumped on top of Holly to try and save her from getting hurt. Michael and Chris both died, but Holly is okay. Both Michael and Chris were donors. Chris donated his eyes, but Michael’s could not be used. Michael was able to donate other tissues.

I want to say rest in peace to both of my brothers. I want to tell them that I love them and I will always be thinking of them. I want to let everyone know that they were so dear to me. I want to see them and let them know that I will be thinking about them every single day for the rest of my life!

Amanda Leadingham