Megan M. Boljesic

A tribute from: Gary Boljesic, Donor Uncle

On February 20, 1982, our beloved Megan was welcomed into this world. She was a beautiful and fun loving little girl. When she was two, her brother Matt was born and, three years later, her brother Justin. She relished her role of being their big sister.

When she entered grade school she did very well. She was proud of her accomplishments, especially winning many spelling bees. Her fourth grade teacher along with her husband not only became her mentors but they also welcomed her into their family. She was elated when the dog that followed her home from school became a family pet. She faithfully took “Honey” for daily walks even on the coldest winter days.

Megan with her brothers, Matt and Justin.

In middle school, her love of learning intensified, and she was always an honors student. Megan enjoyed reading, becoming a Girl Scout, and taking karate and Spanish lessons. She welcomed the responsibilites of being a safety girl and a babysitter to neighborhood children.

In the ninth and tenth grade, she remained an honors student. Just as she won the hearts of her grade school teachers, many of her high school teachers also became her friends. She was a member of the Spanish Club and of Upward Bound. She volunteered as a tutor to elementary school children and at a battered women’s shelter. She enjoyed working as a waitress. While on the job, she taught a foreign speaking gentleman the alphabet. When her parents split up, she willingly provided extensive help to her mother in caring for her brothers.

Megan had a great sense of humor and a talent for mimicry. She cherished traveling with her mentors. She enjoyed playing baseball, snorkeling and scuba diving. Like most girls her age, she was fascinated by the movie “Titanic” and would return to the theater to see it countless times. As for her favorite book and a favorite song, she chose the classics “Gone with the Wind” and “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. Unlike most of her peers, she chose not to date; instead, she preferred to hang out with a group of friends.

Megan had many dreams. She wrote about them in an essay when she was fourteen:

“Being the oldest of three children and the only girl of a single mother, I was born a natural caretaker. Since I was in kindergarten I have been thrilled with the idea that I could make a difference in the world. That is when I first dreamed of working in the medical field. As I got older I realized I wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist. I would be the first woman in my family to ever go to college. I am very fortunate to have a Mom who encourages my independence and supports my goals. Because of her nurturing and high standards I have realized the extent of my potential.”

Tragically, two years later, on August 26,1998, Megan’s life was cut short when she was killed in a car crash. It was at her funeral that her family learned the extent of her kind and generous nature when a friend revealed a secret that she shared with Megan. Cindy, a nurse who cared for AIDS patients, told us that Megan had occasionally visited her patients and that they lovingly referred to her as “their Princess Diana”. We can only imagine how proud she must have been. The fact that she kept the visits and the compliment secret truly showed what was in her heart.

Megan, at age 15.

When Megan received her license it was her decision to check the organ donor box. Her decision was honored and we were informed that her corneas were given to two women. It was just eight months ago that we learned that one of the recipients is presently 85 years old and the other is 90 years old. Knowing how much Megan loved her Nana and her great grandmother, we know she would be pleased that she was able to give the “gift of sight” to these women.

While she never fulfilled her dreams, her loved ones know in their hearts that “Megan did make a difference.” While time hasn’t lessened the pain of not having her in our lives, we find comfort in the love that she shared with us and in the happiness that she gave us. Knowing of the difference that she made in so many people’s lives is also a comfort. Since June of 2000, the year she would have graduated, her family, along with her Spanish teacher and the Spanish Club, continue to award scholarships in her memory. Megan’s family also chose the beauty of the butterfly to serve as a tribute to her spirit.

“Megan, you are forever in our hearts.” You are our “Angel”.


Mom, Dad, Matt, Justin, Nana, Poppa and all your aunts, uncles and cousins


Megan Boljesic

A Tribute From:

Dennis McMahon, A Friend of the Donor

Only Great Memories…

As Megan’s elementary fifth grade teacher, I have nothing but wonderful reflections. Megan was full of life in the strongest ways.

She was a tremendous role model for her classmates. Her brothers looked up to her, her classmates appreciated her, and her teacher (myself) realized that it was students like her that made me cherish my profession so much.

Megan, you are missed, never forgotten. God bless you, Mugsy.

Mr. McMahon