Loretta J. Bisson

A tribute from: Valerie Balogh, Donor Daughter

Since my Mom has gone home, many people have shared with me how loved my Mom is, and just how deeply she is missed. One sentiment that is often repeated is just how special my Mother made other people feel, by simply offering words of encouragement, a hug, a joke or one of her cherished crocheted blankets. My Mother was also very accepting of people, regardless of their faults or failures; whenever I had harsh words about a person, she would often stop me and quickly come to their defense with the positive aspects of that person, she truly believed all people were worthy of her love. I would often tell my Mom that she was naïve to think that, but now I see that she had a true love for humanity, and a vision of what a person

could be with a hug and a helping hand.

Until now, I really never understood the impact my Mother had on people’s lives, she was a true friend to many, a proud and protective Mother to my brother and I, and a loving Grandmother to her eight grandchildren. In our loss, my Mother was able to continue with her generosity by enriching the lives of others through organ donation.

For now, I will miss my Mom each and everyday, but one day I know she will be there to take my hand and lead me home.