Larry O. Julion, Sr.

A tribute from: Leisha A. Julion, Donor Wife

The organ donation affected my life by knowing that I have affected someone else’s life in a positive way, even though my life was turned upside down and the lives of my then 3-year-old and 11-year-old sons. When I received the call from my husband’s job telling me that he passed out and was in route to the hospital by ambulance, I never imagined that when I got to the hospital with my children, they would tell me that my Larry passed away an hour ago. My mind could not comprehend what the word passed away meant . I was in shock and disbelief. I couldn’t move. My whole world changed in a matter of a couple of hours, realizing that I am alone and lonely. I never asked to be a single parent or a widow. Hours later, I received a call asking me if I would like to donate skin, bones and eyes of Larry, and without hesitation I said yes. My husband Larry O. Julion, Sr. was a giver in life and I know he would want to be a giver even in death. Months later I receive beautiful letter from Illinois Eye-Bank saying thank you for your donation. I framed the letter and every time I read the letter, which is often, it brings a joy to my heart, knowing my husband’s eye made the difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes when I’m out and about I often look into people’s eyes wondering who has Larry’s eyes. The eyes are the key to the soul. Someone can see because of Larry O. Julion, Sr. Yes, it has made tremendous difference in my life and the lives of my children, knowing their dad made a difference.