L.E. Michl

A tribute from: Samantha Bradshaw, Donor Granddaughter

The Best Man I Knew

You passed away in 2005, but it seems like yesterday. You are forever loved and missed, grandpa. Everytime something happens I want to call you or come over and tell you, but you are not there. Ya know, we were told after everything your donation went to a woman and the only thing that I could remember was you saying when you die you wanted to come back as a woman. Well, grandpa, guess what? If it is in fact true that your donation went to a woman, your wish came true in a way. I would love to meet the person that received my grandpa’s donation just so I could look into his eyes one more time. I love you and miss you, grandpa. You are forever in our hearts and on our minds. Miss you everyday.


L.E. “Mike” Michl

A Tribute From:

Linda Michl-Davidson, Donor Daughter

Mike was born July 2. 1937, in Jasper County, the Son of Leonard Michl and Zelma Slane. He married Virginia (Ginger) Beard on February 12, 1961. Mike was Proud to be a Union Electrician for IBEW Local 146 for almost 40 Years. Mike retired on December 3, 1999 at 3:30 p.m. after working for Electrical Service Company for 30 Years and Electrical Service, a Division of Bodine Electric for Ten years. He also worked in Wagner Castings for Bodine for Several Years. Mike was a Perfectionist at his Trade.

In his earlier years, He worked for Housepower Service Company. He was a Member of the Warrensburg Sportsman’s Club. He loved to Hunt, Fish and run his boats on both Lake Decatur and Lake Shelbyville. He loved to Camp at Coon Creek. He loved to travel to Florida in his Motorhome. He loved to go to Hardees for his Favorite coffee and to visit with the Crew and Big Bill and Little Bill. He was well known as “Fusebox” on Channel Two in the 70’s. Mike and Ginger helped Found the REACT chapter in The Decatur Area. He was the Greatest Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather that anyone could ever ask for. He will be sadly Missed by his Wife Ginger, Daughter Linda Michl and her Husband Archie Davidson, Grandson, Shannon Bradshaw and Fiance Nikie, Grand-daughter Samantha (Bradshaw) and her Husband David Keith, and his Great-Grandson Michl Bradshaw, his pride and enjoy. Paw Paw always Jokingly called Michl the “Boss”. My Dad was there to help where ever he was needed, both at home and on “Company time”. My Dad would be happy to know that even after his Death, he is still helping someone.

My Dad saw alot of changes in the world in his short 68 years of life. Now, I hope the Donor recipient sees alot more changes throughout his/her life. To know that part of My Dad lives on brings me peace. The reason the Family would like to dedicate this tribute to Dad is because we want the world to know how Great a Man he was. I would like to say on a personal note to my Dad…Sunny Days seem to hurt the most, I wear the pain like a heavy coat, I feel you everywhere I go. I see your smile,I see your face, I hear you laughing in the rain. I still can’t beleive your gone. No one can ever take your place in my heart. I Love you Daddy….


L.E. “Mike” Michl

A Tribute From:

Michl Bradshaw, Donor Grandson

He was the best Paw Paw

I Lost my Paw Paw Mike on October 12, 2005 to Cancer. It has been very hard on the entire family..Especially me..because I am only 4 years (My MeeMaw is writing this)…I don’t really understand why I don’t see my Paw Paw Mike everyday when I go to Mimi’s and Paw Paw Mike’s House. Mimi says one day we’ll all be together in heaven..I sure hope she’s right.

Me and Paw Paw use to have alot of fun together..We’d take walks and I would feed Paw Paw Mike cookies after I took a bite out of them …He never seemed to mind.

Paw Paw Mike always called me “the boss”..I was his boy. Paw Paw Mike would say..”Gotta take care of my Boy”..And he always did..

Mee Maw says, “Whoever got Paw Paw’s Donation needs to know that he was the Smartest, Sweetest and sometimes the Grumpiest Man there was..I hope Paw Paw is seeing lots of things he never got to see before..He deserves it…He was a Very Good, kind hearted Man who’s Life was cut toooo short because of Cancer. He will be forever in our Hearts..