Kenneth W. Pollard

A tribute from: Wendy Pollard, Donor Wife

I lost my husband on September 29, 2004 to a massive heart attack; he was 38 years old.

We met online 7 years ago and, on a giant leap of faith, he spent 30 hours on a bus to come from North Carolina. We had never met or seen each other, only talked online and by phone. He never left!

Kenny was the perfect example of a “southern gentleman”. He was generous, kind, loving, caring, polite. He made sure I and his 3 stepsons knew we were loved. He cherished each day and I believe he died knowing exactly how much we love him.

Becoming a widow at 35 is daunting and scary but in the 7 short years we had together, he taught us to love, have faith no matter what comes our way and, best of all, to find the humor in life even when it seems as if there is none.

I know he is smiling, knowing that in his death he has helped give something so important in life to others, and I would love to hear from the recipients of his donation.