He donated his eyes so others could see

A tribute from Denise Hertz-McGrath, Justin's mother

My son, Justin, did not expect to die. He had no idea he had heart trouble and would perish on June 4, 2023. He was so smart, witty and compassionate but he rarely followed through with getting everything done as he planned. Things got lost along the way. However, he did mark his Illinois driver’s license with the commitment that any and all parts of his being be donated to others. Eversight got his beautiful green eyes. I was contacted in the early morning hours as I returned from the hospital where I kissed him good bye that Justin had given this gift so others would benefit. I did not know he had done this but it was so like him to do this. Many weeks later I received the letter from Eversight that Justin’s eyes had come to them and that they would be used in research to prevent blindness in others. He would be smiling on hearing this. I smile for him. His beautiful green eyes live on in helping others.

Image of donor, Justin McGrath