Joseph Patrick Tolin

In Loving Memory of our Son

February 18, 2001

it seems like just yesterday, you left my arms for Heaven to stay. you’ll never know how much you’re missed, the longing arms, lips once more kissed. we love you and miss you forever, your precious memory lives…fading never. joey, jojo, beans you answered to them all, our home, family and heart never ready for that call. joseph patrick tolin while here on earth, lessons taught us, love given not measurable in worth. today, yesterday, tomorrow and beyond, we love you, miss you, cling to your memories, our brother and son. rest in His arms and we will join you some day, in Heaven reunited a family forever to stay. a minute doesn’t seem so long when here, but the days, weeks, months soon turn to years. we love you joey and will never forget, the lessons you taught us, your love and memories….our Maker you met. so for now and the past 5 years, we send our love, laughter, hugs and even the tears. we miss you baby boy, but your memory will forever bring us joy.

Written by mommie on the 5th anniversary of your death.

Dear Joey,

Words can never express the loss that I feel inside. Of all the kids that mom and dad took care of, I knew that you were the strongest. In my eyes, you’re still the strongest little fighter I’ve ever seen. Now you can run and play all you want. By giving us the 27 months that you did, you won the biggest battle of all – life. For having so many setbacks, you still proved out above anything you were ours – a Tolin. You will always be my brother. Each day it hurts less but the memory of you is still as strong as ever. And no one can ever take that away from me. I love you, JoJo – now, go fly with the angels.

Your sister always, Megan

P.S. Keep an eye on Jacob for me – from up there you can see a lot more than I can.

Dear JoJo,

You were always a good boy. Stay like that forever and ever. I will always remember the feedings, the suction times, and the cuddling time. I will always remember those times we spent together. You will always be my guardian angel. I Love You Forever.

Your big sis, Mindee

Dear Joey,

My heart is full of love for you. I will miss being your big sister on earth.

Love, Robyn

Joey’s an angel. His batteries ran out. He’s in Heaven. I love him.

Love, Brent