Jon Paul Phillips

A tribute from: Lois Phillips, Jon Paul's Mother

…Just one more “love letter” to you:

You left a most empty spot in our lives when you died so unexpectedly two years ago, but we thank God for all the memories of great times throughout the years.

Granted, dear Jon Paul, you were privileged to march to a different drummer, and there were times our hearts ached as you dealt with this – and the consequences. The joy you brought us as we wittnessed your generosity, giving and caring for others as you did, was immeasurable.

We shall never think of you with anything but the special love you shared, and it is heartwarming to realize that your final gift of caring, the gift of life on the event of your death, was your ultimate ‘sacrifice’. With a sad but grateful heart, I still think of you as your donations of organ, tissue and corneas live on in others who so desperately needed them. You died, but you gave others the chance to live by saving or enhancing their lives through your saying “yes” to organ and tissue donation.

How we miss you, Love! We pray that our heavenly Father is now truly holding you in His loving arms, as WE did when you were with us, Even though you are no longer with us, our love for you will never die. YOUR love has enriched every single one of us who were so close to you, and we thank you for that.

Lois Phillips, Mother

Jerry Allen, Stepfather

Jeffrey & Jamie, brothers