Joel Gransden

A tribute from: Brenda Gransden, Joel's mother

My son (Joel) was twenty-three when he died in an auto crash on July 22, 2001. On his twenty-third birthday (May 11, 2001) I asked him if he had renewed his driver’s license. He told me no, not until next year, but he wanted me to know that if anything happened to him, he wanted to donate anything he could and help people. Of course, I told him I did not want to talk about this, because I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. Then we had to make the decision to honor his wishes. We are so glad we did. It gives us some peace through the loss of Joel. Parts of our precious son are still living and helping others. He is very happy knowing this.

Joel was a very loving, giving and compassionate young man. He was never embarrassed to tell his father or I he loved us, or us him. It was a daily part of our life, and I am so glad it was. Joel worked at DOC Eyeworld and was very interested in eye care. We are so happy that his gift is helping you see.

Joel loved music, basketball, cars, laughing and just life. He was such a good friend and so giving. We miss him more than words can say. He was such a bright spot in our life.

It would mean so much to our family to talk to the people that have a part of Joel now, and their life is a little better because of this precious gift.

Thank you and God bless. Keep smiling!

Brenda Gransden, Joel’s mother

An Open Letter to Recipients, by Brenda Gransden