Part of Jessica’s eulogy, written by her mother

A tribute from Elaine Shannon-Smith, Jessica's mom

Love, Gratitude, & Joy describe her life.

Jessica was 42 years young. She was a family first person.
She had a close bound with her grandparents, aunts, and uncles,
a forgiving unconditional love for her parents,
a passionate love for her husband,
An Undying Love For her son, an affection love for his girlfriend
a deep love for her stepchildren
her grandchild, who she talked about all the time.
a crazy love for her comfort dog, who never left her side.
She also had a strong love for our family & our family of choice,
her friends and mine who were there to support us over the 13 years she battelled cancer.

She had a deep sense of gratitude:

  • for her family,
  • her heritage, she was proud to say she was Lebanese & Irish,
  • for all she was given and for all the kindness shown to her.
  • She religiously sent Thank you cards to everyone, for everything …even to me.

She began as a child and it carried through adulthood, after a meal she always got up from the table and thanked me for the meal.
She constantly thanked me over the last few months for always being there with her and taking care of her. She was so cute; she got such a big kick out of the hospital staff commenting on what a beautiful relationship we had and how they wished they had that kind of a relationship with their mother. She beamed when she shared those comments with me.

Her doctor said, and I quote, “He never had a patient like Jessica. She handled her illness with the bravery of a lion, she never once expressed remorse at her fate or complained.”

Jessica never complained, never gave in, and never gave up!

She signed up to be an organ donner. When Lifebanc called to say they could except her eyes, I didn’t know she signed up, but I wasn’t surprised that her last act, was an unselfish gift to a stranger.

Things that brought her joy…
Jessica loved pinks and purples, how fitting to be here during Advent. She loved music & singing, especially country music and line dancing. She & I both sang in the high school choir. She loved oldies songs, 60’s & 70s, and old sitcoms and movies. During high school, Friday nights were spent with rented old movie & pizza. Many were musicals, which she learned from her papa. She could be such an old soul.

But on the other hand, a kid at heart, watching Disney and animated movies and cartoons. Playing video games and hanging out with her son. She enjoyed riding on the Harley and boating with her husband and living at the farm. She loved her international brothers & sisters over the years who also were always there for her. Always smiling and laughing.

She was an inspiration!

Jessie knew how much she was loved, and that she will be missed.

It is said …
A life that touched so many……goes on forever.

I am so grateful Jessica was able to gift her sight.

Image of donor, Jessica Lee Badger